Seminar on «Urban Infrastructure. Time to act»

Seminar on «Urban Infrastructure. Time to act»

     «Instalplast» organized and conducted the scientific and practical seminar on «Urban Infrastructure. Time to Act», which was considered: the current regulatory framework and new technologies in the areas of water and sanitation, district heating and solid household waste management, changes in Ukrainian legislation in the sphere of housing and communal services were considered, peculiarities of development and implementation of various normative documents, etc. The event was held at the in the auditorium, in Lviv Regional State Administration, on October 26, 2016, in the city of Lviv, Vinnichenko, 18 street.

     At this event spoke experts from State Enterprise Research and Technological Design Institute of Municipal Economy, Regional Development and Institute of Industrial Ecology, and the target audience of the event were representatives of design and research institutes in Western Ukraine.

     Within the scientific workshop for participants, the presentation of products of Ltd. “Instaplast” was held on the newest German equipment, with a tour of the production facilities in the town Gorodok, Uhrivska 72 b street, Lviv region.



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