Welcome to Intsalplast -
is a domestic manufacturer of plastic pipes
for water and gas supply and water disposal

The history of "Instaplast" industrial group starts with its establishment of a small private company "Khortytsya" in 1994. A group of enthusiastic people installed used extruder on rented premises in Gorodok, Lviv region and made it work. A new product which was the same quality as imported but for much lower price became very popular.
Vendors of sanitary equipment and mounters from neighboring regions became interested in the products of the company. With time volume of orders exceeded the capability of one extruder and company management decided to take a loan ...

Special Offers

“Instalplast” offers you a wide range of products made of polyethylene:
  • Sewerage wells
  • Capacities of different volumes
  • Septic
  • Sewage pumping stations
  • Giro grabber

Last News

Seminar on «Urban Infrastructure. Time to act»

«Instalplast» organized and conducted a scientific and practical seminar on the topic «Urban Infrastructure. Time to Act», which was considered::

  • modern regulatory framework and new technologies in the spheres of water supply and sewerage, municipal heat supply and solid household waste management
  • amendments to the legislation of Ukraine in the sphere of housing and communal services
  • features of development and implementation of various normative documents