About a company

“Intsalplast” is a domestic manufacturer of plastic pipes for water and gas supply and water disposal.

Activity of “Intsalplast” industrial group goes back to the establishment in 1994 of a small private company “Khortytsya” since the first extruder installation in the rented premises in Horodok town of Lviv region.

Our novelty, possessing the quality equal to foreign analogs but being considerably cheaper, caught fancy of customers. They became interested in the production of our enterprise. The company management acquired several extrusion lines, particularly for water pipes. Having analyzed the installation market conditions in Ukraine, our company was the first one which started production of fittings required for pipeline systems installation: T-bends, bends, pipe units, cross pipes.

The market reacted to this event immediately and the company obtained loyal customers in all regions of Ukraine and in Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Hungary... Since, the first phase of plastic pipe market structuring in Ukraine has commenced. Owing to location, importance and responsibility, acquired by our company, and the fact that another company, food market operator, with the same name "Khortytsya” was operating in Zaporizhia, a decision to change the enterprise name and ownership form in order to avoid the confusion with famous brands was taken.

Therefore, a new industrial group “Instalplast” appeared in 2001.

“Instalplast” is an enterprise of a closed cycle of pipes production:

- of polypropylene for internal drainage systems with diameters of 32-100 mm;

- of polyvinylchloride for external drainage systems with diameters of 110-400 mm;

- of polyethylene for gas supply systems with diameters of 20-400 mm SDR-17,6 (3 atm) and SDR-11 (6 atm).

Apart from that, “Instalplast” manufactures a full range of fittings for internal and external drainage systems as well as protection covers for telecommunication systems and networks.

All production of “Instalplast” is manufactured on a high quality equipment of well-known western companies, such as KRAH, Krauss Maffei, CINCINNATI, and WEBER.

Industrial process is controlled with a computerized management system.

“Instalplast” established medium-duty and bulk trucks transportation network with the purpose of efficient selling of own production and fast delivery to its customers.

“Instalplast” actively cooperates with research establishments and higher educational establishments, in particular, National Lviv Polytechnic University, in order to improve the qualitative characteristics of the production.

A considerable part of the company profit is directed at production technical re-equipment, implementation of new technologies, personnel advancement.

Apart from the main production, manufacturing of standard bollards and boxes for mechanical protection of underground electro, radio and other networks has been developed and organized for the maximum meeting of clients’ requirements.

Another achievement of the company is establishing of industrial-installation subdivision, which installs, adjusts and puts into operation internal and external water supply and drainage networks.

All production manufactured by the industrial group “Instalplast” is certified, with all the necessary certificates of quality and compliance with the requirements and norms of the State Standard of Ukraine, its sales are carried out through the organized dealers network in Ukraine and on the territory of CIS.

Among Ukrainian customers are the following ones: “Ukrtelecom”, “Ukrzaliznytsya”, capital groups “Pozniakyzhylbud”, hypermarkets network “Epicenter” and “Nova linia”, and many municipal enterprises.

“Instalplast” is a permanent participant of installation exhibitions in Ukraine, such as “Aquatherm”, “Aquatherm” (Russia), “Architecture and Construction”. It is the owner of the most prestigious awards: “Golden Mercury”, “The Purest Tint”, “European Quality”.

Creation of additional workplaces, unchangeable production quality, and production range increase represent the main development strategy of industrial group “Instalplast”.

In 2012 production of polyethylene and polypropylene pressure and non-pressure pipes with the diameter of 300 mm to 4 000 mm was started.

High quality and safety of “Instalplast” production combined with the excellent installation works resulted in positive customers’ references and recognition in the market sector. Along with high quality, the true benefit of “Instalplast” production is its price.