PVC-U drain pipes

Drain pipes produced by the Private Enterprise INSTALPLAST are used in construction branch to reduce soil moisture and for water outflow. Corrugated drain pipes are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) on modern foreign equipment of the companies “Cincinnati” and “Unicore” using the method of extrusion.

Owing to corrugated wall, pipe resistance to stress is increased. PVC-U drain pipes have yellow colour with the diameter of 50 mm, 110 mm and are packed in coils 50 meters each. Also, Private Enterprise INSTALPLAST offers a full range of fittings used for joining drain systems. Of particular importance of corrugated PVC pipes is their light weight which makes it cheaper and faster to transport and lay pipes.

Труба дренажная

NameMaterialColorQuantityWeight, 1 r.mWeight, coilVolume, coil
Drain pipes 50 mm PVC-U Yellow 50 m 0,113 kg 5,65 kg 0,358 м3
Drain pipes 100 mm PVC-U Yellow 50 m 0,360 kg 18 kg 0,860 м3